G.E. takes care of woman's fridge


"So he put Vaseline, he asked me if I had some Vaseline, and he put Vaseline around the seal," said Evelyn.

Evelyn is talking about the authorized G.E. repair tech who worked on her fridge. She loves the appliances good looks and conveniences, but it has been a lot of trouble.

"At this point the refrigerator was not cooling on the inside. It had completely shut down. Not the freezer, the refrigerator part of it," said Evelyn. "So I perishables. I had to throw things away, but G.E. was really good because they gave me compensation. So I thought OK we are cooking with gas now."

However, it turned into a slow boil for Evelyn. The repair job looked horrible. There was a caulking of some sort that looks messy, a drilled hole, an exposed line and it get's worse.

"I have tape in my refrigerator," said Evelyn.

Indeed she does. There is white lose tape. The refrigerator was working again, but it didn't look or safe to Evelyn. She contacted G.E. and was getting nowhere, so then she contacted 7 On Your Side.

7 On Your Side contacted G.E. and Evelyn is now on the receiving end of a brand new refrigerator. Nearly identical to her first one, Evelyn is now happy; happy to have cold food and a good looking refrigerator inside and out.

G.E. really stepped up and took care of the problem, 7 On Your Side really appreciates that.

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