ABC7 conducts DTV transition test

Future tests are planned

The test was designed to let viewers see if their television set(s) are ready for the DTV transition and if not, to give them resources that will inform them of the steps they must take.

If you believe your TV is not ready, you should call 1-877-388-5353 for information on how to get prepared for the conversion. You can also visit for detailed information.

The DTV transition will enable consumers to receive a clearer picture, better sound and receive multiple channels from their local over-the-air broadcasters. The shutdown of the analog signal will allow for greater capacity on the airwaves for law enforcement and other emergency service providers signals and to use the wireless spectrum in a more efficient way.

Additional tests are being planned over the coming months.

DTV 101: Consumers who receive their television over the air – with an antenna on their roof or a "rabbit ears" set-up must take one of three steps in order to continue to receive a signal after February 17, 2009:

1. Purchase a digital converter box (a coupon is available from the government to offset the cost)

2. Buy a new digital-ready television

3. Upgrade service to cable or satellite. (Cable and satellite systems will handle the transition for their customers.)

DTV Transition Page
ABC7 has also put together a DTV Transition resources page. It includes FAQ's, important phone numbers and websites, as well as recent news stories and video. Click here to visit our DTV Transition site.

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