International Vintage Poster Fair

International Vintage Poster Fair
What: The International Vintage Poster Fair will feature more than 10,000 vetted vintage posters from all over the world. These original vintage posters capture the culture and ambiance of the country and era of their origin.
Where: Landmark Building A, Fort Mason Center / San Francisco, CA
When: October 24-26, 2008
Tickets: Friday, Saturday & Sunday: $15 daily
Contact: For all press inquiries, contact The Larose Group, LLC at 650.548.6700 Website:

About Mireille Romand:
To Mireille Romand, dealing original vintage posters isn't just a profession; it is her passion and livelihood. Being from a line of poster dealers who were prevalent in this industry's earliest days, she is has an innate passion to continue her family's century long poster legacy. Aspiring to share the unique art form with a larger audience, she is one of the owners of the International Vintage Poster Fairs (IVPF), the only fair series of its kind in the United States. The IVPF includes the most comprehensive selection of original vintage posters for established collectors, art enthusiasts and anyone with an aesthetic eye.

Mireille, the next to carry on the family's fifth generation of original vintage poster dealing, started working with her father at his poster gallery in 1978. This interest was initially sparked in her early childhood when her house was featured in the French magazine "Maison Française." With the issue detailing how tasteful a living space could be when decorated by posters, she realized that these were works of art worthy of being in their own museum. Not one to let her childhood dream and passion go in vain, she is now the owner of the finest poster gallery in Paris, Galerie Documents.

Her enthusiasm for original vintage posters has been unwavering. In addition to coming from one of the most influential names in posters, she has 29 years of experience and knowledge, putting her expertise in a class of its own. A poster powerhouse of her own, Mireille has partnered with two equally impressive American dealers to present a series of the biggest and most promising International Vintage Poster Fairs in the United States.

Original vintage posters are no longer an esoteric collector's item. Mireille is intent on bringing these treasures into the homes of many and building a passion for timeless posters into the hearts of the masses. This, among other reasons, is why she operates the International Vintage Poster Fairs, held in cities around the country including, San Francisco, New York and Chicago. This highly specialized show shares the wonderment of how 20 unique visions can encompass the same genre of art. Mireille is dedicated to ensuring that the International Poster Fairs offer the finest quality and widest variety of posters found anywhere in the world.

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