SJ neighborhood installs traffic-slowing device


The lane divider now stands at the intersection of Selborn Place and Park Avenue. That is where 12-year-old Breanna Slaughtereck was killed after being hit by a car while riding her bike home from school.

The neighborhood banded together to take advantage of a new city policy that allows residents to pay for neighborhood projects themselves.

"Many municipalities are short on money, so we allow the option to say, 'hey, if you want to self-fund this, we can put it in much faster,' versus getting on a waiting list," San Jose councilperson Pier Luigi Oliverio said.

The posts are positioned in a way that forces drivers to make proper turns at the intersection. The project was paid for by 22 families that chipped in the $900 needed for the project. City leaders anticipate other neighborhoods will follow in funding similar projects.

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