Cisco opens new health center


Shelly Keeley has employee perks most of us only dream about. Cisco has onsite child care, a 48,000 square foot fitness center will open on Monday, and next month a state of the art health and wellness center. It's 112,000 square feet of personalized services.

"I think what's unique is how we've combined them together, as well as with the child care facility, and brought all of that together with the application of our technology solutions to ensure you have a more holistic experience from one to the other," said Brian Schipper, Cisco's Vice President of Human Resources.

Cisco's CEO John Chambers cut the ribbon on Thursday on this integrated $38 million facility that's been two years in the making.

The onsite health care center will serve all of Cisco's 20,000 Bay Area employees and their families.

An independent medical group will operate on the Cisco campus. There's electronic check in, medical records are projected onto a large screen for patient viewing, and e-prescriptions are sent directly to the onsite pharmacy.

"We think that by focusing on the patient and not sending them off to disperse specialties, but actually integrating that, we can actually improve health outcomes," said Pamela Hymel, a corporate medical director.

Cisco is confident healthy employees are more productive employees and in the long run the LifeConnection Health Center will be well worth the investment.

"Cisco will undoubtedly have performance measures and matrixes that they can use and other people can copy this model and get the benefits of the research Cisco has done," said San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed.

Soon Shelly can not only use the computer to watch her children on Cisco's secure daycare cameras, but also have most of her families medical needs met, right where she works.

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