Refurbish and repair your family treasures

Five tips for caring for your crystal:

1. Wash your crystal with mild soap and rinse with warm water
2. Place your crystal carefully onto a plastic drying rack or rubber mat
3. Dry with a clean soft cloth
4. Remove your rings to avoid scratches
5. Leave ample space between stemware while storing

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About Mark Harrington
Mark Harrington Glassware, a family owned business, is a unique retail establishment located in the heart of San Francisco's Castro district. Established in 1932, it is not only recognized as one of San Francisco's exclusive fine crystal giftware shops, but it also enjoys national acclaim for its high quality crystal and china repair services and glass and crystal engraving craftsmanship.

Mark Harrington Glassware offers competitive pricing on the retail sales of all lines of fine crystal, glass, and china. Combined with our custom engraving service we are your one-stop gift giving resource for any occasion such as weddings, anniversaries, or any time you want to commemorate an event or 'recognize a persons contribution.

Mark Harrington Glassware has 71 years experience in crystal and china repair. Our services range from grinding chipped crystal stemware and vases, the bonding of porcelain figurines and china, to the complete restoration of oriental vases and museum quality porcelain art. We have repaired valuable pieces as well as those items of sentimental value that are "priceless."


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