No on 8 campaign concedes defeat


At the 'No on 8' camp supporters of same-sex marriage are dismantling their headquarters and reflecting on what went wrong.

"All of us are asking questions, the would have, should have, could have," said Kate Kendell from the No on Prop. 8 Campaign.

Kendell and others with 'No on 8' are blaming dirty tricks and questionable tactics by the other side.

Pointing to TV ads, like this one which claimed same sex marriage would be taught in schools. The no campaign calls that distortion and lies, but San Francisco political strategist and ad man Bob Gardner says quite simply the yes side did a better job.

"I think the commercials for Prop. 8 were some of the best political ads of the season, the most effective," said Gardner.

"We attempted the best we could with the resources we had to answer every charge," said Kendell.

About 70 percent of California's African-American voters voted against same-sex marriage.

The 'Yes on 8 Campaign' used Barack Obama's popularity to target that community with a mailer and robo call using Obama's own words.

But as one 'no' ad shows, Obama was clearly opposed to Proposition 8.

San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris was co-chair of his California campaign.

"It's very unfortunate and in fact disingenuous of the proponents of Prop. 8 to suggest that the president-elect is in anyway opposed to people being treated equally," said Harris.

"I think that will be looked back on by history as one of the more dastardly dirty tricks done in campaign," said Kendell.

Yes on prop 8 supporters defend the ads. Bill May headed up Catholics for the Common Good.

"The African-American community and the voters aren't fooled one bit on this initiative. They have always been in support of marriage between a man and woman and they voted in the same proportions in 2000 as they did for Prop. 8 this year," said May.

The finger pointing and second guessing is likely to continue even as the battle moves forward in court.

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