Parolee arrested for shooting cousin


Elester Mollique, 24, was arrested Wednesday night for a parole violation and is being held without bail at the county jail while police continue to investigate the shooting.

Mollique and his cousin, a 24-year-old Pittsburg man, had reportedly been arguing for about a week after the cousin accused Mollique of stealing some property, Addington said.

The two crossed paths at about 11 a.m. on Nov. 2 while they were driving in two separate cars in the area of Diane and California avenues.

Mollique allegedly began firing at his cousin and one of the rounds struck him in the neck, causing him to swerve his car onto Diane Avenue and crash into three parked vehicles, police said.

The victim's car stopped moving after it caused a van to overturn, and came to rest in front of the Church of Christ at 283 Diane Ave., according to police.

Mollique fled after the shooting. He was arrested without incident Wednesday night.

The victim was transported to John Muir Medical Center and is expected to fully recover from his injuries, Addington said.

Mollique had listed an address in Brentwood as his residence, but had been staying at several different residences since he was paroled.

As of today, police had not found the gun allegedly used in the shooting.

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