Child nearly falls off 150 foot cliff


The Pitton family was enjoying the day at the popular Ecola State Park along Highway 101, when they asked three of the kids to stand against a fence for a photo with the ocean in the background.

But behind the fence was a sheer 150-foot cliff to the rocky beach below. As the family videotaped the kids, three-year-old Alaina stumbled backwards -- and over the edge.

She was able to cling to plants to keep from falling off the cliff.

"And it was so, so scary. And I almost fell way down there, like, whomp," said Alaina.

"That terrifying feeling that I have really never really never experienced that terrifying feeling like that," said Charlotte Pitton, mom.

Alaina was not hurt, just scared. Her mother hopes the parks department will take steps to make the fence safer for small children.

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