Holiday cards on a budget

Three fun ideas:

  1. Simple but sophisticated collage cards.

    Some people have a real talent for putting together all sorts of random snippets from magazines, old books and postcards, love letters, store receipts & ticket stubs. Try and use one basic shape repeated over and over again.

    You can create a really stylish-looking piece this way and it's a total no-brainer.

    Cut your pieces from magazines and other papers (catalogs, old greeting cards, maps, maybe even some of your kids' artwork!).

    Look for images with large areas that are more or less one color but have some interesting texture and depth.

    By limiting your palette to just one color family (e.g. pinks/reds/plums), you make the whole thing easier AND it you gives you a really sophisticated look in the end.

    Once you have a whole bunch of your shapes cut out, you arrange them on your base card to your liking, then glue them in place.

  2. Photobooth card.

    This idea was inspired by those great old vintage photobooths that you can still find around the Bay Area. The photos are always just fun and spontaneous and, of course, everyone looks fantastic in black and white!

    You can use simple signs to spell out our holiday message,maybe some props, take it all down to the photobooth and just snap away.

    Make multiple copies on heavy-weight white cardstock.

  3. February 13 Creative Cards, on

    February 13 creative has partnered with another local offer a wide range of high quality printed greetings, photocards, invitations and announcements that you can personalize and order online. A wonderful way to create personalized cards in minutes. Cardstore will even take care of the addressing, stamping and mailing for you, with no extra charge for the service. (Stamps are not included in the card price). They can print and deliver your cards to the post office on the next business day.

About Betsy Cordes:
Betsy is an amazing SF-based artist from February 13th loves to make great, cheap and easy greeting cards. She encourages people to get creative and invite friends and family over to have some fun. Kids love making cards so get them involved!

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