Coyotes spotted at San Ramon school


The first sighting was Monday evening when a custodian spotted a coyote in the school's south parking lot, Terry Koehne, spokesman for the San Ramon Valley Unified School District, said today.

A campus supervisor then reported seeing two coyotes in the same parking lot at about 7:40 a.m. Tuesday.

"From what we know of coyotes, they're timid creatures and shy when it comes to human contact," Koehne said. "They won't do anything unless they're provoked or cornered."

According to the California Department of Fish and Game, coyotes are highly adaptable creatures and have been known to live in many urban and suburban areas, including Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix and Denver.

There are also frequent sightings of coyotes in San Francisco, according to San Francisco Animal Care and Control officials.

While coyotes have been known to kill pets and have, on rare occasions, injured small children, the animals tend to be non-aggressive, according to Fish and Game.

California High School is located at 9870 Broadmoor Drive, and backs up against the creek and the Iron Horse Trail.

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