The BART workout

BART/Commuter workout
We all know that Public Transportation is a great alternative to driving in the Bay Area - it saves time, saves money, is better for the environment and is a great place to exercise. That's right, exercise - this a great place to do 10-20 minutes or more of the fat-burning moves that will tone you up in no time.

Tips for Exercising on Public Transportation

  • Take the stairs -- Squeeze the "cheek" of the leg in back as you walk up
  • Don't forget to wear realistic shoes - keep your super high heels stuffed in your backpack.
  • You'll need to keep your hands free for the best workout, so do use a backpack or rolling tote.
  • You don't need any equipment, the resistance training exercises in this program work by using your own body weight and muscle contraction.

    As you're waiting for the train continue your warm up. Your goal is to never stop moving.

  • Lift toes and heels. (25-50 times)
  • Engage your core muscles during the entire trip -- Pull your belly button in and away from your waistband
  • Shoulder rolls
  • Wall Push-Ups
  • Wall Sits
  • Stretch your calves and shins

    Once you're on board, there are different exercises you can do depending on whether you're standing or sitting:

    Arms: Use the metal poles that stretch the length of the train can act as pull up bars.

  • Don't actually DO pull ups, instead lift yourself gently until you feel like you're feet are barely on the ground. Breathe out as you lift, hold for the count of five, then lower back down and inhale. Do this 25-times or for two stops. You should feel it in your arms, chest and upper back. Don't forget to pull your stomach and lower belly in and flex your abdominals to engage your core.
  • Hand positioning is very important during this workout routine.
  • Hold your hands with your knuckles facing out, to work your triceps.
  • Hold your knuckles facing in, like a curl, works your biceps.
  • Between each lift, stretch by allowing your knees to bend slightly and drop your chin to your chest


  • Seated leg raises
  • Toe point and flex
  • Knee raises with tri-cep push-back
  • Neck stretch
  • Abs: Contract your abs slowly (five-times and hold for the count of five) then five times quickly (2-second rep), then five times super-slowly (10-second rep), and repeat.
  • Gluteal Flexes
  • Keep abs engaged!

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