Perfect table manners in time for the holidays

Five table manners tips for Thanksgiving

  • Silver wear placement: fork, knife and spoon are in alphabetical order from left to right.

  • Everything gets passed to the RIGHT. Avoid traffic congestion on the food highway.

  • Tear off one bite of bread at a time. No knives are needed and butter only one piece of bread at a time.

  • Always place snacks on your plate. There are no direct flights from the serving platter.

  • To signal that you are finished place your fork and knife across your plate, from 4 o'clock to 10 o'clock. About Louise Elerding
    Louise Elerding is the author of the award-winning series of books entitled 'You've Got Manners!" Her latest book entitled "You've Got Respectful Manners!" joins "You've Got Manners!" and "You've Got Social Manners!"

    A grandmother of five, each a member of her "Polite Team of the World," Louise has assumed the role of 'Super Nanny' for children's manners and etiquette. Her series of books, that also includes a deck of Manne Rummy and Flash Cards entitled "Pass the Manners Please!" as well as "The Manners & Teachers Curriculum" for consultants and schools, are devised through and for the eyes of children.

    "You've Got Manners!" was conceived on a family road trip and vacation across Canada in the summer of 2002. To pass the time, three generations of Elerdings played a game of naming and playing with table manners in their family mini-van to pass the time and have fun. On that 1,000 mile trip, 'You've Got Manners!" was born. Inspired by her mother, Elmira "Myrto" Fleury - a true lady in every way - Louise set about putting pen to paper and wrote her first book in a week. She set about putting together in alphabetical order a fun and easy way to learn how to have great table manners…whether at home or in public. Children are even awarded with a certificate - entitled 'I've Got Manners!" - on completion of the book.

    Brilliantly colored and illustrated, the series of books are a terrific gift idea for children, and have a broad appeal in particular as a resource among parents and grandparents alike. Polly Politely and Milton manners, two friendly spokeskids, take children on a manners adventure as they learn multiple ways of being polite and considerate at the table. Louise has a thriving online community with a virtual manners test and in particular a 'Polite Team Membership'. "You've Got Manners!" has also formulated in to an interactive opportunity for audiences, with a specially designed curriculum that in turn has spawned a series of etiquette and manners classes. Louise's dream is that a vast number of "Official Manners Messengers" in every city across the country and indeed around the world are established, each following her curriculum and inspiring children to be as polite as possible.

    Buy her book on Amazon: You've Got Manners!: Table Tips from A to Z for Kids of All Ages

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