Police reveal new info. on San Mateo shooting


There is no longer any doubt about what happened in San Mateo on Nov. 25th. San Mateo police are sure Raymond Gee -- and not their officers -- fired the shot that killed Kim Nguyen during an intense shootout with police.

Gee is a man Nguyen met less than a month earlier, on Halloween, after losing her purse at a party.

"The suspect approached her and offered his assistance to help her look for her purse; at one point the suspect recommended that Miss Nguyen use his cell phone to call her missing cell phone to see if they could hear it ring," Capt. Kevin Raffaelli of the San Mateo Police Department said.

By doing so, Gee got Nguyen's phone number. He then gave Nguyen a ride home. That's when police say Gee insisted they meet for lunch.

"The suspect wanted further contact with Miss Nguyen and she rebuffed those efforts. After being rebuffed, the suspect appeared to have conducted surveillance on the home then planned and carried out his attack," Raffaelli said.

The November 25th attack lasted hours; Gee beat and even handcuffed Nguyen during that time.

Once police distracted Gee, Nguyen managed to get away long enough to hand her children out a bedroom window to awaiting officers.

Moments later, police say gee shot Nguyen three times and then shot himself.

"It's a single gunshot wound with an entrance underneath the neck and exit to the top of the head," San Mateo County Coroner Robert Foucrault said.

Near Gee's body, police found a bag, filled with tools, rope, and muscle relaxants. They think Gee planned to use them on Nguyen.

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