Baby gorilla tries to bond to surrogate mom

December 11, 2008 10:49:07 PM PST
Caretakers at the San Francisco Zoo are hopeful that a bond will form between a newborn gorilla and a potential surrogate mother.

The still unnamed infant male lowland gorilla was born Dec. 8, but its mother Monifa left the infant unattended.

Since then, a 24 hour primate veterinary team has made sure the baby gorilla gets the care he needs.

Caretakers are hopeful another female gorilla at the zoo will bond with the baby and take over as a surrogate mother. They have been feeding the baby in front of Bawang, who has shown interest in the baby. Bawang has been seen poking a stick through her barrier towards the baby during the feedings; the process, known as twigging, is a way gorillas express interest in something they want.