EPA city officials examine recent violence


At least eight adults and one child have been injured in shootings in the past week. No suspects have been arrested, Abrica said.

At Wednesday's meeting, Police Chief Ron Davis expressed the importance of witnesses coming forward with information and explained how the Police Department is working to combat the spike in shootings, according to Abrica.

One way police are hoping to reduce shootings as well as catch suspects is through the city's ShotSpotter, which currently tracks gunshots in a small portion of the city but is expected to cover the entire city by 2009, according to Abrica.

Gang task force members are also focusing on a number of suspects in connection with the recent shootings, Abrica said.

"We are taking steps to control the spike in violence," he said.

Abrica said the city generally sees a rise in shootings around the holiday season.

"It's a small number of people who create a lot of violence," Abrica said. "It just takes a few people ... running out of control, and we need to stop it."

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