Man repeatedly tasered dies in custody


"During the call, Mrs. Vaughn became increasingly frantic as she reported that Nathan was 'destroying the house', and 'hitting his dad,"' the department said in a press release.

When deputies arrived, they were confronted by a combative 39-year-old, Nathan Vaughn. A deputy fired a Taser gun at Vaughn once, who they say continued to resist. The sheriff's department says the deputy fired the stun gun twice more at Vaughn.

Authorities say after Vaughn was subdued, he showed signs of medical distress after being put in handcuffs. He was later pronounced dead at a hospital.

Authorities say that Vaughn had a long criminal history, and that he had served time in state prison previously for burglary.

Also, Vaughn had been cited and released on Friday after he called 911 repeatedly, telling deputies he would continue making the calls unless they arrested him.

The incident will be investigated by the Petaluma Police Department and members of the Sonoma County district attorney's office.

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