Sensor monitor's health of plants


Your plants sit there - silently begging for your attention. And many of us stare back and wonder what to do.

"There lots of little things that can cause different even temperature regimes, underneath the shade, tree up against the wall, a south facing wal,l or north facing wall - there are lots of little nuances that can cause microclimates in your yard," said Robby, Easy Bloom Senior horticulturist.

Hopeless horticulturists - never fear. There's now a little device that can figure out those microclimates for you. What's unusual about this gadget is - it goes from the dirt to territory you might feel a little more comfortable with - your computer.

"After you collect your data just plug it into your computer it automatically uploads everything, a screen pops open tells you everything you need to know," said Flannery.

A tech expert - with the help of the Easy Bloom Plant Sensor, found out her poor plant are starving for sunlight.

"This is a great gift for somebody who is a plant killer but wants to have plants and you can see this is somewhat of a novelty gift but there's real technology and real science here," said Becky Worley, tech expert

She compares it to technology that monitors our heart-rate when we exercise and allows us to track our progress online and cut out the personal trainer.

"This is a trend we see evolving and what's changed here is this is an internet connected device, that you put into a plant and then hook up to your computer - that's interesting," said Becky Worley, tech expert.

Now you can cut out your gardener. This sensor will even tell you what you should be planting in certain spots - and then how to care for it. It's just the mix of green living and gadgets that will make plants - and their owners - bloom.

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