Search continues for hate rape suspects


The problem they are facing is getting witnesses to come forward. That is why volunteers are pitching in to help.

Richmond police say they are close to identifying some or all the men who viciously attacked and raped a woman in Richmond on December 13th.

Although many witnesses have been too afraid of reprisals to come forward, a $10,000 reward seems to be generating leads.

Members of Contra Costa Equality, a human rights organization, and others from the nearby Richmond community gathered Sunday to hand out flyers. The flyers have the description of the four men being sought for the rape assault robbery and kidnapping of a 28-year old lesbian.

Police have been investigating this case as a hate crime.

"We are baffled that another human being can do such a brutal crime onto someone else. Regardless of sexual orientation no one should have ever experienced the nightmare that Richmond's Jane Doe experienced," said Aileen Cancino.

More than 20 men and women put flyers in mailboxes and passed out flyers to residents who live near 15th street and Visalia where the attack on Jane Doe began. The flyers include the suspects' description and the Richmond Police anonymous tip line.

Aileen Cancino knows many people will be afraid of coming forward with information.

"What I want to say is that as long as these criminals are out there no one is safe," said Cancino.

On December 15th as Jane Doe arrived at home, she parked her car and then crossed the street to her apartment building.

A close personal friend of the victim who wants to remain anonymous told ABC7, "There were four men breaking into a car as she crossed the street. One came up behind her and hit her with a large black flashlight. Then the other men started to take off her clothes."

She says the victim told her the men were surprised when they discovered who they thought was a short-haired young man turned out to be a woman.

"They attacked her thinking she was a man. Only they know why they went ahead and did what they did," the woman continued.

The friend explained that spooked by a passerby, the men then put the victim in her car and brought her to some abandoned apartments on 14th and Burbeck where they raped and beat her.

She managed to escape and find a family that took her in and called police. That family is also afraid of being identified.

"It was a savagery, what they did. It was horrible. She was bleeding, crying incoherently," another witness described.

Another witness gave police descriptions of cars that were seen at the scene. One was described as a dark red or burgundy Buick, or other GM car with partial license plate number "4BBN."

A second suspect car was described as a gray Mazda or Honda with partial license plate number "2WD."

Police say any kind of information people want to share, even anonymously, is welcome.

The men suspected of the crime are described as three Hispanic males and one African American. One is nickname Blue and another is nicknamed Pato.

Anyone with information is asked to call police.

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