Donations pour in for local non-profit


Our viewers really stepped up and made some significant donations after the story aired. Modest Needs was very grateful for that, and now they want to get the word out that a new grant is available.

Modest Needs usually helps people who don't qualify for other charities. They're sometimes in between jobs, and just need help with a onetime money emergency -- like an unexpected medical bill or one month's missed rent.

"We normally help people transitioning from one job to another but they already have job offer in hand usually unemployed for 30 days or less. We're finding now it's taking more than 30 days to find new employment," said Modest Needs COO Huriya Jabbar.

So Modest Needs is adapting to the changing times, and is offering a new bridge grant for people who lost their job through no fault of their own - and haven't found a new one just yet.

"In the meantime, we don't want them to lose their home become homeless, lose their car so they can't look for work or their utilities or other important expense," said Jabbar.

Carmen Hudnut applied for the grant. She just lost her job after eight and a half years. Now she's close to losing her home.

"I've been trying to look for a job but it's hard out there, everyone knows it's hard out there. I'm the youngest of seven and only two of brothers and sisters is still working, and all the rest of us are laid off. So it's not like I can go to them and say can you help me out?" said Hudnut.

Modest Needs wouldn't normally help her because she doesn't have a new job yet. But with more people like Carmen asking for help, they decided to create the bridge grant.

They haven't even announced it yet, but already the applications are coming in.

"So no one knows about this grant and we already have 50 qualified applicants for it. There's definitely a huge need right now," said Jabbar.

The good news is donations are up this year compared to last. So people like, Carmen should be able to get that little bit of help they so desperately need.

"For somebody to reach out and help somebody do something that is saving your home. How would even begin to thank somebody I wouldn't even know the words to say," said Hudnut.

Modest Needs caught our attention because of the unique interaction they provided for donors. When you give money, you can go on the agency's website and vote for who should receive your money. The same procedure will be in place for the grant.

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