Hit-and-run victim's family seeks closure


Laura Casey loved riding her bike everywhere. But early Sunday night, not one, but two cars struck her as she pedaled her bicycle on a road not far from her home.

"It's horrific. It's horrific. But, we are a loving family and I don't want them to think... Just come forward," said Casey's cousin Camille Kraft.

Kraft is pleading for the drivers of the two cars that struck and killed her cousin to turn themselves in.

46-year old Laura Casey died on a Richmond Road Sunday night shortly after 6:00. She was riding her bicycle southbound on Carlson Boulevard near Ohio Avenue when a car hit her from behind.

Witnesses across the street gave police a description of that car.

"One vehicle is a full-size white sedan, four-door sedan. We don't have a plate at this time," said Officer Lt. Enos Johnson.

Witnesses told police the driver of that car stopped momentarily but then drove off.

"The victim was screaming for help. She was lying on the ground and the citizens ran across the street to try to help her," said Sgt. Michael Wang.

As they came to help Casey, a second car hit her, dragging her about 25 feet. That person also drove off.

Police say they have no description of that vehicle.

Casey's family says she rode a bicycle everyday for the past 30 years.

"That was her means of transportation. She was really into fitness and that's what she enjoyed," said Kraft.

Casey's family wants the two drivers to know they believe it was an accident.

"You may not have meant to do it and that's why it's called an accident. But, it's really important to us to know exactly what happened," Kraft said.

Police are also pleading with the drivers, before they make it worse on themselves.

"They may not have known they hit something but yes, the longer this goes on the more of a criminal problem it becomes," says Officer Johnson.

There are traffic and city-mounted security cameras along that roadway. One in particular is located close to the intersection where the hit-and-run happened. Police say they are reviewing those images to see if they can identify both cars.

The city is offering a $10,000 reward in this case.

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