Increased competition for UC admissions

January 8, 2009 5:17:24 PM PST
There will added competition among students trying to get into the University of California system next fall.

Ted Glasnow and his mom toured the UC Berkeley campus Wednesday; they know it will be harder to get in next fall.

"All my friends that are graduating are stressed out about possibly not getting into college as opposed to a couple of years ago where it was, maybe not easier but there weren't as many constraints," Ted Glasnow said.

For example, this year the UC system is expected to impose caps on freshmen enrollment.

"Currently UC is over enrolled by about 11,000 students for whom we have no state funding," UC spokesperson Ricardo Vasquez said. "Also, the governor's proposed budget does not contain funding for enrollment growth."

Bottom line: there will be more competition to get into some of the UC campuses.

Kirsten Anderson led Wednesday's tour of the Berkeley campus. She says students are looking for ways to get admitted.

"A lot of people have questions like is it easier to get into engineering or art history," Anderson said. "A lot of people have questions about, 'what do I need to do on my Berkeley application to make sure I get in.'"

The UC Board of Regents will likely impose these caps.

"I know that a lot of my friends who would like to go to college are maybe turning, going to community colleges first," Glasnow said.

Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions prepares students for college entrance exams. They also advise students and their parents on how to apply for financial aid.

"My suggestion is to apply that very morning of January 1, that will allow you to have the most money available to you depending on your financial need," Kaplan spokesperson Matt Ulery said.

There are also a number of Web sites which will help students find grants and scholarships.

Web sites for scholarships and grants: