Mt. lion sightings increase

February 6, 2009 7:43:01 PM PST
Two mountain lion sightings reported in San Mateo on Wednesday have added to what is already an apparent increase in sightings within the city over the past several months, a police lieutenant said today.

Just before 2 a.m. Wednesday, a driver spotted what is believed to be a mountain lion at the intersection of Glendora Drive and Cherrywood Avenue near the entrance of Laurelwood Park, according to San Mateo police Lt. Mike Brunicardi.

The driver told police he had seen a mountain lion in that park around the same time last year, Brunicardi said.

Around 5 p.m., another San Mateo resident reported seeing a mountain lion walking in the 1400 block of Crestwood Court, also near Laurelwood Park, according to Brunicardi.

Officers searched the areas of the reported sightings but did not see any mountain lions, Brunicardi said.

The sightings come just days after a resident caught on video tape what appears to be a mountain lion walking by his home in the early morning, a time when mountain lions are more likely to be out and about.

"Sightings have increased over the past five months in San Mateo," Brunicardi said.

He added that police usually cannot confirm whether the animals spotted were actually mountain lions.

"We can only go on what people tell us," he said.

If confronted by a mountain lion, one should not run or turn their back but try appear as large as possible. One should also make eye contact with the animal and throw objects at it. If attacked by a mountain lion, fight back, Brunicardi said.