Should you beware of job fees?

February 25, 2009 5:13:07 PM PST
You've seen the offers to earn thousands of dollars a week by working from home.

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So this begs the question if a job offer requires you to pay up front, does that mean it's a scam?

The answer is not always, but it is a red flag. If a potential employer wants money, be extremely careful.

"If you're asked to send money to a random PayPal account, if you can't talk to a person directly, if you can't verify the name of the company then you definitely want to think twice about sending that money and you should question the legitimacy of the opportunity," says Tory Johnson, a career consultant for Women For Hire.

Still she says there are some very reputable companies like Avon and Mary Kay Cosmetics that do require purchases up front, but their sales reps have made successful careers.

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