Affordable bedroom makeovers

March 2, 2009 12:00:00 AM PST
Simple ways to make a bedroom comfortable, stylish, and affordable.


--Make an investment in a good mattress. One will cost you about $700 to $1200 but it will last you up to 10 years if you flip it twice a year.

-- If your room is lacking a focal point, use paint to create an accent wall. Paint is the most dramatic and least expensive way to make changes.

-- You can soften up windows with lovely linen drapes.

-- Mirrors are a great way to add décor to walls without spending a lot of money.

-- We put brown against he bed wall and did a nice taupe on the other walls. This is going to add more interest in fun.

-- If you don't have a headboard, buy a nice picture at an inexpensive store like IKEA. It gives an illusion of a headboard and it gives the bed a focal point.

Ikea products featured in segment:

  • Bedding: SULTAN, King sized sheet set, $65
  • Dresser: MALM, $149
  • Mirrors: STAVE 2 @ $39.99 each
  • Curtains: SANELA 2 @ $59.00 each


Special thanks to:

Kelly Moore Paints

Konkord Assembly

Varsity Painting