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"Paradise - now I'm building my dream house," says Ron Rosberg. "And, being in technology for the last 20 years, I'm really trying to put in the latest technology and tell people about what they can put in their homes."

The Technology Lake House is a 4,400-square foot home on the shores of Clear Lake. Rosberg, the builder, is a tech guru to fans on KGO Radio, on countless consumer electronics Web sites, and to friends -- the guy always demonstrating the latest gadgets. But he's never had a place to test the really big stuff, until now.

Much of the technology is the kind that can be appreciated only while the walls are still open. For example, in place of copper plumbing, you will find synthetic tubing called Pax. In place of sliding glass doors, you will find whole walls of collapsing glass called Nana Walls.

Today, it's not unusual for a house to have its own webcam. But in this house, nearly every room has its own webcam. Even out on the dock. The house has its own Web site, where you can choose the views and follow the progress.

Everything is remote control, from the boat hoist to the curtains. But you won't find miles of electrical wiring for switches. That's because the latest trend in home design is wireless. Every wall switch is its own wifi router.

"The advantage of this," explains lighting designer Al Zaparolli of Techlinea, "is that it's infinitely programmable. So, let's say today we call this the room light button, and tomorrow you call me, and you say, 'You know what, I don't want this to be the room light, I want it to control the decks.' We just program it. And, then the next time you press the button, it's the deck lighting. And we do it remotely." Ribbing Ron, he adds, "The advantage to me is, if we don't get the check, the lights go out."

We will be following the progress of the Technology Lake House, awaiting additions Ron hasn't thought of yet.

By the way, there are wires in the house -- four miles of them -- for at least one flat panel display in every room, even the bathrooms.

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