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Today's woman has the power and possibility to do anything, which is great - the problem is; she now feels the tremendous pressure that she has to do everything! Nothing has come off her plate, stuff just keeps getting added, driving women to always put themselves last and beat themselves up for not doing, having or being enough.

The only way to stop the madness is to start with ME. If we keep chasing stress and measuring ourselves against unreachable goals that we just keep adding onto, we'll never feel success. It's time we gave ourselves a break, learned to love ourselves more and picked up some new perspectives and habits, like:

  • Get beyond chasing "balance"... it's an unattainable state, it's static, and life is anything but still. Create harmony... lots of moving parts with spaces and pauses and breathe in between.

  • Stop thinking about "taking time" for me ... And start thinking about "taking care" of me. As long as we are looking for time, we'll never find it. And when we do, we feel guilty. Instead we've got to believe we deserve to take care of ME.

  • Give up the doing addiction ... Like Atlas, we think we have to hold up the world and take care of it all. Let things drop, let people take care of themselves, and know the world won't fall apart without you there.

  • Activate Your Feminine Super Powers ... Most women have relied on their masculine traits -- driving, making it happen, etc. Now need to re-balance and call on their feminine super powers that allow you to do more by doing less.

  • Give up Comparison ... to other people, or to who you think you should be

  • Set expectations you can meet ... set yourself up for success instead of failure. And, then celebrate when you get there!

    About Christine Arylo
    A new kind of self-love expert, Christine Arylo, inspirational catalyst, takes a fresh approach to redefining self-love for today's woman as hip, hot and hers. Arylo traded in twelve years of creating powerful images for brands like Visa and Gap, to inspire women to bust through their limiting self-images and self-expectations. As an author, coach and speaker, Arylo is an expert at helping women to get the success and happiness they want by living and loving their most real and wise selves first. She is the author of Choosing ME Before WE (http://www.mebeforewe.com) the founder of the Madly in Love with ME™ movement (http://www.madlyinlovewithme.com), and the publisher of the online no-taboo talk forum Girltalk... taking it deeper (http://www.letsgirltalk.com).

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    April 16th, 6PM -7PM

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    About "Choosing Me Before We: Every Woman's Guide to Life and Love"
    Far too many women spend countless hours complaining about, analyzing and crying over their unmet desires for the right man to love them, hold them, and marry them. Far too often, they go on to "settle" for a guy whomight seem like "Mr. Right" in some ways, but who never becomes a true partner or satisfies her deepest desires.

    In her book Choosing Me Before We: Every Woman's Guide to Life and Love, author and life coach Christine Arylo turns the topic of love relationships on its head by asking women to stop trying to find, fix, or catch a mate, and to start getting real with themselves. She asks, "Who is the 'real ME?" What does she really want? How do her actions and beliefs create her reality, and therefore her relationships?"

    Arylo, who almost married the wrong guy for all the wrong reasons, openly and honestly shares her real-life experiences and a-ha moments, and those of her friends and clients to help women uncover their own truths about life and love. Choosing Me Before We offers the wisdom and liberation that is possible when we discover, love, and live for "me" instead of starting with "he" or "we." Arylo's authenticity and sincerity make her book as inviting and entertaining as a conversation between girlfriends over a glass of wine.

    In Choosing Me Before We, she teaches women to stop settling and/or desperately seeking fairy tales and to start exploring and understanding what they truly want in themselves and their mates by helping them:

  • Know the real woman living inside.
  • Find Truth and get honest about the lies and illusions influencing her life.
  • Love the woman she is today, was yesterday, and is becoming tomorrow.
  • Trust her best friend - hello intuition!
  • Honor her desires so completely that she never settles again.
  • Manifest the partner and relationship she really wants.

    Choosing Me Before We opens the door to a whole new level of conversation about a topic women talk about more than any other subject - their relationships with men. This book is for all women whether they're looking for love, evaluating a less-than-fulfilling relationship, rebounding from a bad breakup, or working through interpersonal issues as a couple.
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