Fun and creative playdate ideas

Play date ideas:

Breakfast Club: For SAHMs, invite favorite friends over for the cheapest and most social meal of the day in between naps.
Age: Babies to toddlers
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Margarita Mommies Group: As the afternoons get warmer, invite other mothers over to dip their toes in the kiddie pool while the kids hang out nearby.
Age: Babies to toddlers

Backyard Festival: With or without cocktails, set up these things in your backyard and the kids will be entertained while you can gossip with friends
Age: Babies to toddlers

Digging/Gardening Party: Host mom is the one whose garden needs to be dug up (or other "heavy lifting" suitable for a few little kids. Parents relax while kids tire themselves out doing chores but loving it.
Age: toddlers to preschoolers

General play date tips:

  • End the playdate before it begins

  • Set out a few age-appropriate snacks that are not much work to throw together. Resist the urge to create a glorious fruit salad as most toddlers are super picky and don't like their food to touch anyway. A few berries, some crackers, done!

  • Offer the mama some appropriate beverages: coffee, bubbly water, ice tea, cocktails but not too many.

  • Make it easy on yourself, she'll understand and appreciate you keeping the bar low for when it's her turn.

  • If the play date is at mealtime (which I suggest it is NOT), order pizza or invite the other family to create a picnic/potluck with their picky kid's faves.

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    Heather and Whitney believe any good idea is worth posting on the Web. After the births of their first children, they challenged each other to post their favorite activities on a shared blog ( until they reached one activity for each day of the baby's first year.

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