Great baby safe products

Melanie Mayron is an Emmy winning actress for her portayal of Melissa Steadman on "thirtysomething." She has since mainly been behind the camera as director of such series as "Naked Brothers Band," the new "Beverly Hills 90210" and others.

Over ten years ago Melanie and her chemist Dad started to work on a diaper cream. She wanted something natural and something better then anything out there. Her dream was to become an actress but her bigger dream was to become a mother. As she tried to make that dream happen after "thirstysomething" had come and gone, she began to work with her Dad and create a line of natural but truly special, baby skin care products. Once her babies where here she had the "need" for these products and was unhappy with most she tried. She would send her Dad body wash and diaper creams and ask him if the two of them could create something better....Melanie's father honestly thought they could and so they set out to work developing products for babies. And that's how Mayron's Good Baby came to be.

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