Now is the time for home remodeling


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Sale signs are also an indication that contractors, tradesmen and women have plenty of time on their hands.

A recent survey found when it comes to home improvements, homeowners and contractors are on the same page.

"The majority of the respondents said it is a good time to do home improvements because they think they can get a good deal. And that was backed up by the fact that we spoke to service companies on the list and 75 percent told us they were dropping bids by 10 percent just to get the job," said Angie Hicks from Angie's List.

That's "the" Angie, from Angie's List, an online service referral firm.

"The consumer is in the driver's seat right now because there's more supply than demand on the home improvement side right now. So don't be afraid to be aggressive in what you are asking for," said Hicks.

Big jobs, small jobs, even the very best contractors will take on projects that may have gotten a pass just a year or two back.

Van Der Sterre Construction is a well-known top quality name in San Francisco's better neighborhoods.

"For us, big or small doesn't matter, but the schedule does. So what we are trying to do is keep everyone going. This one came up at just the right time," said Peter Van Der Sterre from Van Der Sterre Construction.

A San Francisco home is getting an update and more family friendly layout. It is a medium-sized job of super quality work.

"There are a lot of people, a lot of competent people chasing more limited work, so naturally there is more price intensity, but that doesn't mean that suddenly your cabinets are going to coast 20 percent less than they uses too, unless you were paying too much to begin with," said Van Der Sterre.

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