Bill seeks to end Cow Palace gun shows


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A news conference took place Friday morning about a bill that would do just that.

State Senator Mark Leno of San Francisco has the bill circulating in Sacramento. It would put an end to the annual gun show that happens at the Cow Palace and all gun shows that take place at the venue.

He says the community members there do not want the shows taking place because they promote gun violence. The specific show they are referring to happens in the first week of May and is put on by a group called "Crossroads of the West." It is in its 24th year at the Cow Palace.

Senator Leno says in both San Francisco and San Mateo counties which surround the area, supervisors have passed bills asking the gun show to go away. His concern is that guns sold at the show end up on the streets of the community.

"Horrible violence is experienced in these neighborhoods. And, the mothers and the fathers have come to us and said please, for the family's sake, for our children's' sake, we don't want a marquee flashing, as it is as we're speaking, 'Gun show. Gun show coming.' They don't want it," Leno said Friday.

On the other side of the coin is Bob Templeton, the president of the Utah-based gun show. He says no illegal gun sales have ever taken place at the show. He says all buyers go through background checks and face a ten-day waiting period. In other words, he says everything is done on the up-and-up, legally.

San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris was in attendance Friday along with other community members. She says she does not intend to challenge the Second Amendment. She just wants restrictions on gun sales and she wants them stopped at the Cow Palace because the people in the area and counties on both sides do not want it there.

CRIME MAPS: Track crime in your neighborhood

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