Bay Area schools make safety improvements


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Students at Dougherty Valley High School in San Ramon have had three intruder-on-campus drills in the past year.

"The teacher would go in and lock the door down so no one would be able to come in on campus and the next thing they are asked to do is to place this over, it covers the access, so that if the intruder is going down the hallway, they can't see in the classroom," Principal Denise Hibbard said.

Demographically speaking, the San Ramon Valley School District is similar to the Jefferson County School District. The San Ramon Valley School District has very similar demographics to the Jefferson County School District (Columbine's school district).

"The last ten years have been 10 years of focus on prevention, focus on awareness and focus on how to react and respond during a crisis," district spokesperson Terry Koehne said.

Each year teachers are shown a video on student safety. The San Ramon Valley School District says the dialog among staff and students is more open.

"If there is an issue regarding a student on campus the counseling staff would be notified, then an administrator would be working with that counseling staff and working with that student," Hibbard said.

"If something is actually wrong, it's not wrong to tell an adult, because if something is going to happen they should know about it," student Ryan Katz said.

The district says the silver lining of the Columbine tragedy is that it paved the way for better safety plans at schools.

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