East Bay MUD gives no response to leak


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ABC7 has been trying to get just a few more answers about the leak -- hoping to get a statement on camera and a copy of the record from East Bay MUD. Meanwhile, a few miles away, the pesky water leak on College Avenue known as case #109-8456 continues to gurgle.

"They diverted it from here to another spot," said Wayne Johnson from Eddie's Liquors.

Last week, Johnson brought the leak from limbo to light. It leaked at a rate of almost a gallon every five minutes. Public Works blamed PG&E, which sealed the box, but ultimately, that water and the problem belongs to East Bay MUD.

"It should have been fixed within a couple of weeks at the most," said Rich Lewycki from Eddie's Liquors.

To East Bay MUD's credit, a crew did show up on Monday morning.

The theory was that the water may be coming from a broken main, about one block away. As crews worked, we noticed a device called a logger which listens for leaks. It took several phone calls, but East Bay MUD finally confirmed that there are four of those listening sensors in the ground to try to find leaks. Which leads to this question. How many other possible leaks are there in the East Bay?

In a drought, during which the utility wants to raise rates, wouldn't you want to know? East Bay MUD said it could make someone available next Thursday, which would mean more than one week without official comment since this story began. Only the receptionist spoke with ABC7 face to face.

"No one goes up there," said the receptionist.

So it would seem that for East Bay MUD, there are no leaks from the big building. Let's just hope the little ones disappear.

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