Advice for moms from moms

Tips for moms:

  1. Know that your situation is temporary. All the diaper changing, diaper bags, bottles, strollers, car seats the physical labor and exhaustion of being a new mom (which actually lasts a good three years) gets a lot easier. Also, you as a woman, the way you feel physically and emotionally gets better as your children get older. You will eventually get more sleep, take a shower on a regular basis, you will loose the weight (maybe not all of it) and you will get some time to yourself. You do need to change your expectations and embrace your new life, one that includes less time for yourself, less sex with your husband, going to bed a lot earlier (sleep is gold), body parts that are doing things you didn't think they could (loose skin, a thicker middle area, and I don't even know what to say about those.) What isn't temporary, is once you have children your life will never be the same and the unconditional love of your child will make it all worth it.

  2. Have fun with your kids! It seems that the biggest part of being a mom is care taking and it is just not fun. Cooking, cleaning, laundry, brushing hair, giving baths getting them dressed, tying shoes, brushing teeth and the list goes on and on. Then there is all the classes we shuffle our children to, karate, ballet, change outfits, getting in and out of the car, the safety issues and all the worry that comes with being a parent. Then there is all the lessons we need to teach them; good manners, share, be nice to others, don't hit, don't lie, when is there time for us to just have fun with our children and truly enjoy them? There isn't, you have to make time. There is always work to be done but you have prioritize the fun and keep all the other stuff to a minimum.

  3. Find some Mommy Friends and/or use your relatives. You can't raise a child by yourself, it takes a village. If you have issues with your immediate family patch them up and let your mom or sister babysit so you can get a manicure or have a date with your husband. Your kids won't be damaged for staying up late, eating chocolate and not brushing their teeth for one night but you will be rejuvenated by that time and in turn be a better mom and wife. Meet other moms who have kids that are a similar age. You can pick these "Mommy Friends" up at a park, in classes (that is where Jen and I met) and at pre-school and/or daycare. Create your own support system with other moms, help each other out and get ready to meet some amazing women just like you.

  4. Hotel Night. My husband and I, twice a year or as needed, do a 24 hour hotel night, literally down the street from where we live. It is our time to re-connect and remember why we fell in love. It lasts us a good 6 months.
About "Jen and Barb: Mom Life":
"Jen and Barb: Mom Life," the first reality/talk show hybrid on the internet, has already proven to be filling a much-needed void in the marketplace. After landing an impressive 42 episode commitment (a standard season on the web being approximately 8 episodes), the show has drawn over 13 million views in its first 7 weeks since the show debuted in November.

The idea for the show on contemporary motherhood was born out of Executive Producers/Hosts Jennifer Pate and Barbara Machen's yearning for a forum where women could ask questions, exchange ideas, and share their thoughts and experiences on how motherhood has changed their lives, and what it means to be modern-day mom. After finding that most other moms they knew felt the same way, they decided to create a funny, enlightening and cathartic experience for viewers; a community that could offer support without judgment, insight in to the new world of being a mom, and a lot of laughter.

Each episode features life in the trenches of motherhood with a funny take on the mommy life from two real moms with very different parenting views, who riff on everything from career to husbands to disciplining kids, along with straight on-camera discussion with experts on daily issues, challenges, and joys of motherhood. This is real life from real moms.

About Jennifer Pate:
Jennifer Pate is a mother of two. She grew up in Highland Park, IL, and now lives in Los Angeles with her husband of 8 years. While attending college at the University of Illinois, Jennifer began a professional dance career, which spanned 10 years, including concert, theater and commercial dance. After retiring from dance, Jennifer moved to Los Angeles and began a career in casting. She was a partner at Colloff, Fishman and Britt Casting, where she served as a Casting Director for TV and Film. She then moved on to her most interesting and challenging career of all, becoming a stay-at-home mom! For the past 6 years, Jennifer has spent her time raising her children, doing charity work, and serving as the Co-Chair to the Parents' Association at her kids' school.

About Barbara Machen:
Barbara Machen is a mother of twins. She grew up in Daly City, just outside San Francisco, and now lives in Los Angeles with her husband of 9 years. Raised by a single mother on government assistance, she was one of only seven students in a graduating class of 500 to receive a full scholarship to a major University. By age 25, she owned her own marketing company, but after becoming a mother, she quickly learned how it felt to go from a confident woman to a scared and insecure mother. Her goal was to share her compassion for all the women who don't necessarily have the love and support of family and friends, and are venturing into motherhood alone. That's where the concept of Mom Life was born. Some of the 5-minute episodes include: "Post Baby Body", "In Laws or Outlaws", "Thinking About Starting Your Own Business?", "What Is It Like Being A Single Mom?", "Do You Always Tell Your Kids The Truth?", "Tired Of Playing Referee To Your Children?", "How Do You Teach Your Children To Make A Difference?", "What It's Like Being A Stay At Home Dad?", and "Do You And Your Spouse Parent Differently?" "Jen and Barb: Mom Life" is distributed by BBE (Broadband Enterprises Inc.), and sponsored by SC Johnson and Kraft. Episodes can be viewed at, as well as on the websites -- Parenthood, YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, Blinkx, and Top TV Bytes.


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