Fun gift ideas for the new mommy

  1. Personalized pacifiers
    Kim and Carol Pedersen own, the U.S. distributor for personalized pacifiers invented and manufactured in Denmark. The pacifiers have the child's name or another slogan printed on them so they won't vanish or end up in another child's mouth. You won't have to wonder if the pacifier in their mouth is actually his/hers anymore.
    Price: Set of 3, $15

  2. Personalized jewelry & food containers
    Launched in July, 2008 by mother of three, Sandra Nyholm, is an online mother and child boutique. Knowing exactly what products are essential for mothers and their children, Sandra created Petit Bliss to be a one-stop shop for traditional and personalized products. From personalized storybooks, toy boxes, and jewelry to baby clothes and even rocking chairs, Petit Bliss offers a wide range of high-end and unique products. Whether a mother is shopping for products or someone needs a gift for a baby shower, birthday or holiday, Petit Bliss offers endless choices. Designed to showcase her love for children, Sandra wanted shopping at Petit Bliss to be a warm and comfortable experience and that is what she delivers at

  3. Names That Stick
    Names That Stick® Baby Name Magnets are a fun, interactive, and convenient way to select the perfect baby name. 500 popular names (250 each for boys and girls) are printed on individual magnets that can be shifted around to maintain an up-to-date list of top choices, to track each partner's personal favorites, or to create different name combinations. And there are plenty of blank magnets for personal picks, special family names, and last names. The magnets can be placed on a refrigerator or magnetic board at home or in the magnetic tin, which fits easily into a purse or bag. Names That Stick® Baby Name Magnets are a unique baby shower gift that can be used as an engaging shower activity as well.
    Price: $14.95

  4. Snap Cozy™ Crib Blanket
    It's the first crib blanket designed to stay on and keep baby warm throughout sleep. Wonderful for transitioning baby from swaddling or co-sleeping to the crib. Provides baby with a sense of security, comfort and warmth. Cannot be kicked off, come loose or become tangled. Promotes back-sleep positioning.
    Price: Available in 4 colors for $59.99.
    Free Shipping within California for a limited time.

  5. "I love You Book" by Todd Parr
    Todd Parr has created more than thirty books for children as well as the Emmy-nominated television show ToddWorld on TLC and Discovery Kids. His bestselling books include Okay to Be Different, The Peace Book and The Feel Good Book.

  6. Baby Chimes
    A Bay area dad is helping moms across the country bond with their baby bump! Marcus Hopper of P1easant Hill, CA is the brains behind BabyChime - a chic, stylish necklace that charm babies both before and after they're born!

    BabyChimes are handcrafted sterling silver necklaces that make a sweet and gentle chime sound. They hang from a 34 inch chain so that they rest on mom's growing belly. Babies get used to the sound in mom's womb and later find it familiar, calming, and soothing after they're born. BabyChimes are widely used in the Netherlands (where Marcus' wife is from). Now, thanks to Marcus, the idea is catching on in the U.S.

    Available in a three different sizes in both round (like mom's belly!) and heart shapes.
    Price: $41.95 - $43.95

  7. Luna & Stella creates meaningful jewelry for mothers
    Luna & Stella, a new online retailer of personalized birthstone jewelry, has launched its first product-- the moon & stars birthstone necklace, In honor of mothers everywhere, $5 from every sale between now and Mother's Day will go to the Homeless Prenatal Program. The Moon & Stars Birthstone Necklace can be personalized with the birthstones of her loved ones, making it a perfect gift for Mother's Day. The name Luna & Stella means "moon and star" in Italian. "Like the relationship between moon and star, our jewelry conveys the connections between ourselves and those we love.
    Price: 155.00 & up

  8. Lisa Leonard Designs: Custom, sterling, hand-stamped accessories
    Their handmade jewelry is meaningful, unique and perfect for everyday. Each piece is hand-cut, hammered, antiqued and polished sterling silver. Create a custom mommy necklace or a piece with a meaningful phrase or date to wear near your heart.
    Baby's First Spoon: $20
    Ring: $38
    Key chain: $32
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