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The biggest key to staying afloat in these tough economic times

The biggest key to staying afloat in these tough economic times is having a solid strategy in place. It doesn't matter if you're someone who may lose their job or have just lost their job. The key is the same.

Most people and businesses make changes without much thought to what their initial purpose or strategy was for the future. Every time changes are made, it is important to have a strategy in place that keeps the initial dream and goal alive.

When laid off or fired, it is easy to just grab the first job that comes along just to survive. While people should do whatever they need to do, they also need to regroup, rethink and strategize a whole new direction that's in alignment with where they want to go in their future.

The right strategy always needs to be in place - it's the key to a person or a company climbing in a steady uphill fashion to get to where they want to go.


  1. For professionals and entrepreneurs: Make sure you have a strategy in place that sets you up correctly for where you want to be in a year. Three years. Five years.

  2. If you have had to restructure in any way….downsize the company, lay people off, slash prices, make special deals and offers, you need to re-strategize to make sure the plan you have in place will still get you to where you need to go with all of these new changes you made.

  3. Surround yourself with people that can help you get to where you want to go. Go to events, seminars, networking groups, and any other than can be of assistance.

  4. For Small Businesses and entrepreneurs: Hire interns. Get them from schools where you know people are studying to be in your area of expertise.

  5. If you've just been let go: If you must go out and get a job to survive, do so. But you need a strategy too; otherwise you'll probably be miserable doing what you're doing. So put a new strategy in place that gets you to where you really want to be while you're working at the emergency job you may have to take. Again, go to events, meet new people in the area you want to pursue, go to seminars, networking groups, and explore.
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When we operate from fear rather than courage, playing small rather than full-out, from resentment rather than forgiveness, we are making the choice to give up the power we actually need to create wealth and prosperity in our lives. We guarantee you will leave this workshop inspired, uplifted and with finely-tuned tools to create a much higher level of connection with money and all the antecedents to creating money in your life.

Some of the things that we will learn in this workshop:

  • How to transform negative financial beliefs
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  • Create a holistic "Prosperity" magnet
  • Create a daily prosperity practice

    Date: Saturday, May 9, 2009
    Time: 10:00AM- 4:30 PM
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