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The main character, Carl Fredricksen, has lived in this same house for more than 50 years. He decides to fulfill his late wife's wish to go to South America in a most unconventional way.

Ed Asner is the voice of the Fredricksen.

"What was your first impression when you saw the finished product?" asked ABC7's Don Sanchez.

"I was feeling like I was pretty hot stuff with the lead voice on this great /*Pixar*/ film. And finally when I saw it, I was overwhelmed," said Asner.

A stowaway on the house is young junior wilderness explorer Russell and they are in for adventure.

The production team went to the lost world of South America for authenticity. The film's look is something they've dubbed "simplexity."

"It's like a very simple kind of shape on first read, but as you look it's more detailed. You see wrinkles and folds, and things like that, that make for the rich look we have," said director Peter Docter.

"We were inspired by old Disney films. Our medium tends to make things very photo real and we wanted this to feel like an old '101 Dalmatians' or 'Sleeping Beauty,'" said Jonas Rivera.

Plus the picture is in 3D and the images are dazzling. Docter was inspired by balloon sellers he saw as a kid and thought, "What if?"

"I thought, 'How many clumps would it take to lift me up?'" said Docter.

In the movie balloons are attached to the house to make it fly. It sounds ridiculous so ABC7's arts and entertainment reporter had to give it a try. Sanchez had the real 3D effect as he was suspended above the Pixar campus, lifted by 68 balloons.

"Up" will be in theatres on May 29th.

Disney-Pixar trailer: "Up"

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