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Searchology is not in the dictionary, but it describes what Google is always trying to do -- improve the technology of search.

"Search options" will let people narrow a search to specific time periods, such as the past 24 hours.

"Squared" will compile subject matter in a spreadsheet-like display with facts given in columns. It is a useful format, for example, for someone checking various breeds of small dogs.

Google's use of mathematical algorithms is getting more sophisticated for sifting through web site data.

"Something is something, different tables, different structures, and then corroborating the evidence around whether or not something's a fact by looking at whether or not that fact occurs across pages," Vice President of Search Marissa Mayer said.

Google is also rolling out the "wonder wheel." It is a graphic way to suggest related searches.

Even with all these new tools, Google says it is trying to get information to people as quickly as possible. Nielsen NetRatings, a research company, says that people spend less time on Google than they do on MSN or Yahoo for searches, and Google says that is a badge of honor.

"Speed is the key; to us, speed is the most important thing, in fact, we measure ourselves in many different ways based on speed, how fast people get the answers," engineering Vice President Udi Manber said.

Google says search on mobile devices is the real growth area, and it is creating search displays that are easy to see and use on small screens with tiny keyboards.

"You type in a number -- your flight, you get the information right there, or you get the option to call the restaurant, right there on your phone because it is a mobile device, so let's take advantage of the hardware, pretty smart," David Needle of said.

The next cool project Google working on? Skymap displays the stars over people's location, adjusting the view as the mobile device moves.

Click here for more details and video demos of Google's new search tools.

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