Hundreds pray on eve of Prop 8 ruling


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Gay rights activists have chanted in public squares and marched through city streets. But Monday night, they changed their tune.

They held a prayer service at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, calling for peace when the California Supreme Court's decision on gay marriage is announced.

The church has always been a part of the debate over same-sex marriage. It is estimated that members of the Mormon Church donated half of the $40 million spent to help pass Prop 8.

Those who oppose Prop 8 are signaling, they too, want to publicly engage the faith community.

"Our religious point of view and our religious beliefs are just as good as anybody else's," said Joy Morgenstern who opposes Prop 8.

Monday's prayer service was one of the first multi-faith public church services in San Francisco in support of gay marriage. About 180 people and three dozen clergy attended representing faiths ranging from Methodist to Jewish.

"Whatever the Supreme Court decides, the faith community will continue to work for justice," said Grace Cathedral associate pastor Will Scott.

But the faith community that opposes same-sex marriage feels strongly the court will uphold Prop 8.

"Feeling very confident and I think a lot of people are just feeling relieved that finally we will have this resolved," said Bill May of Catholics for a Common Cause.

The confidence was not as strong at Grace Cathedral.

"It's going to make me angry if they don't say that Prop 8 is unconstitutional, but it won't surprise me," said Morgenstern.

Even if they lose, they promise to keep marching and praying together.

The ruling will be poste online Tuesday at 10:00 a.m. at

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