Google holds developers conference in SF


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The world is fast moving from laptops to smaller notebooks and smart phones. However, Google co-founder /*Sergey Brin*/ criticizes software for not keeping up.

"Every 18 months, software becomes twice as slow as it was prior," said Brin.

So Google has gathered nearly 4,000 programmers to the Moscone Center to focus on web-based tools that can be used on any connected device. It also showed off /*Google*/ web elements as an example. Something non-technical people can use.

"It'll appeal to my mom and my dad. It'll appeal to everybody who has a website. Now they can take copy and paste code, put it on their site and have a calendar, have conversations, have news or have maps," says DeWitt Clinton, a Google technical manager.

Programmers say they should take advantage of today's more powerful browsers. Ken Hoetmer, a developer for the Lonely Planet Travel site, gives an example.

"Flat maps are fantastic, but if you can change them into something engaging and immersive, that makes you stop, sit back, watch, and say wow. Then you've taken it to another level," said Hoetmer, from

So why is Google motivated to make the internet faster and more engaging? It boils down to money.

"Google, probably more than any other company, benefits from the growth of the web because that leads to more Google searches, and we monetize those things very well," said Google engineering vice president Vic Gundotra.

This was the kind of gathering where everyone talks program code, but even a group of tech-savvy students from Albany High School see a future in this.

"We are the ones that will be developing these applications and really we get to define that new internet that is becoming reality," said Eric Zhang, an Albany High School senior.

The web is evolving quickly and the people at the conference will be paving the way to that future.

Who needs a computer when you've got a "smart phone?" we'll show you what these "google geeks" are doing to speed up the internet.

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