Get out of a bad mood -- guaranteed!

Surefire ways to get out of a bad mood

These 3 steps are especially effective because they address ALL of you - body, mind and spirit.

#1 Change your rhythm. (Body) Crank out 20 jumping jacks, walk the dog, or run up and down the hall. Changing your rhythm releases brain chemicals that naturally elevate your mood and kick-start your transition from crappy to happy. Plus, it's guaranteed to get you some fun stares from co-workers!

#2 Count your blessings. (Mind) Sure, it may sound a little cliché, but scientific research has proven that gratitude can measurably increase your happiness. Gratitude reminds you that there ARE some good things happening in your life, in spite of your current funk.

#3 Help someone else. (Spirit) Be in service to others: volunteer at a shelter, donate your old computer, read to kids at the public library. Helping others does two very important things: it reminds you that, in the scheme of life, your own problems are pretty manageable, and it also reminds you that YOU, bad mood and all, make a difference in the world by helping someone else. You matter.

Buy the book on Amazon: Get a Life That Doesn't Suck About Michelle DeAngelis:
For more than 20 years Michelle DeAngelis has been taking on impossible corporate challenges, solving them in record time and redefining corporate and personal coaching in the process. Irreverent, vivacious and razor sharp, Michelle DeAngelis teaches executives, managers and individuals everywhere how to have a company, and a life, that, you guessed it . . . "Doesn't Suck."

Born and raised in Wichita, Kansas, Michelle was heavily influenced by her entrepreneurial parents. They developed "Happiness Plaza" a shopping center filled with stores that were hand-picked to add a bit of happiness to each customer who shopped there. Although still a little girl, Michelle was clearly paying attention.

In her mid twenties, Michelle was named division chief and tapped to create and manage a new division of 350 people for a Fortune 50 corporation. From there, Michelle started her own management consulting firm, where she does strategic planning, manages national projects for Fortune 500 companies, coaches executives and gives powerful presentations to bring a healthy dose of reality and life-affirming change to corporate America.

In 2004, born of Michelle's commitment to have a career that fused joy and purpose, she created Planet Joyride, a company dedicated to helping people create joy in their lives. Planet Joyride immediately resonated with people who had been through personal and professional experiences that left them wanting.

Michelle's meaningful and practical methods enable people to tap their authentic passion and purpose, magnifying creativity and productivity on both a professional and personal level. Her proprietary Joy Quotient quiz is essential to the process as it measures the gap between people's thoughts and their actions. Perhaps even more important than IQ or EQ, this Joy Quotient, (JQ) gives clients a game plan to generate joy, close the "Gap" and "Get A Life That Doesn't Suck".

Michelle lives in Santa Monica, CA and begins joyriding each morning when she looks out her window at the Pacific Ocean and the Ferris wheel on the Santa Monica Pier.

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