5 myths about fatherhood

The 5 Myths of Fatherhood

Myth 1: Only the expectant mother's feelings are important

Myth 2: Newborns don't really need their fathers

Myth 3: Men don't know how to care for young children

Myth 4: Men who focus on their children can't make it in the work world

Myth 5: You are destined to be just like your own father

How to challenge the Five Myths of Fatherhood.

"Becoming a Father" Class- July 19th 1:00-3:30 at Alta Bates Medical Center in Berkeley

About Bruce Linton:
Bruce Linton is the Founder of the Fathers' Forum Programs. Since 1989 Dr. Linton has been offering programs for expectant and new dads. He is the author of "Finding Time for Fatherhood, men's concerns as Parents." He has just completed a new film titled "Becoming a Father" in which 15 dads who have been in the Fathers' Forum Groups over the last 20 years talk about their experiences of becoming fathers. Bruce teaches a "Becoming a Father" class at Alta Bates Hospital in the East Bay . He is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist working with fathers and couples with young children. Bruce received his PhD. for his research on "Men's Development as Father's from Pregnancy to a year Post-partum." He also coordinates fathersforum.com the online web resource for expectant and new fathers. He is the father of Morgan and Julia.

An Excellent Glimpse into Contemporary Fatherhood, March 26, 2009
By Gina Hassan, Ph.D.

When a woman has a new baby, it almost goes without saying that she will join some form of a mothers' group where both the practical and emotional aspects of parenting will be discussed. For fathers, however, no such tradition exists and while more is expected of fathers than ever before in history, the role models for this kind of involvement are nowhere to be found. In Bruce Linton's, Becoming a Father, a voice is finally given to contemporary fatherhood. We are given a first hand glimpse into some of the struggles, dreams, hopes and confusion that new fathers may face. Dr. Linton helps the men in his groups examine how their relationship with their own dads may impact their expectations around parenting, the value of taking time to consciously consider the choices one makes as a parent, and the shear enormity of the job of parenting. This film is a much needed documentation of the "real" experience of fatherhood, and will be of great value to new and expecting fathers as well as their partners.

For more information you can call Bruce at the Fathers' Forum 510-644-0300 or visit the Web site www.fathersforum.com.

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