Using Bluetooth to monitor pets

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"My master made me this collar so that I may talk," says Dug the dog in Disney Pixar's movie "UP". You will not find a talking dog collar like the one in the movie, but we did find a seeing dog collar. Actually, we made it from a wi-fi camera light and small enough for a pooch not to notice.

It is pretty amazing how we can watch movies, shoot high-definition and even project video on devices the size of an iPhone. But, this camera goes the next step. It is half the size of the others yet it can broadcast a live video image without wires.

The BT-1 is the first Bluetooth webcam. For its size, the color fidelity is excellent and it handles exposure changes well. The video is not as smooth as with FireWire or USB 2 although, it is fast enough for a picture- phone.

Right now, it works only with Macs, but with Skype, iChat or any program that requires a camera. For $150 it comes with its own tripod. The Bluetooth standard allows for distances up to 100 feet. So, why run wires to the yard and install a webcam to keep an eye on your pet? Why not put the camera on the pet?

We used our favorite duct tape. The good news is it works. The bad news is that the dog needs to remain closer than 25 feet from the computer. In fairness, Ecamm Network makes the BT-1 to be used near a computer to eliminate the clutter of wires.

If you choose to engage in unauthorized practices we recommend a short-hair breed.

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