Two A's rookies couldn't find apartment

June 24, 2009 10:57:24 PM PDT
The Oakland A's trio of rookie pitchers Vin Mazzarro, Trevor Cahill and Brett Anderson are the core of the team's future. Brett and Trevor live together, but not where you'd think an A's player would live.

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One block from AT&T Park, the Giants stadium, is the new home of Oakland pitchers Trevor Cahill and Brett Anderson, but was this some kind of rookie mistake?

"We were trying to stay in Walnut Creek where a lot of other players live and it just didn't work out. Three owners turned us down because we were young. They said that they wouldn't even think about renting to 21 year olds," said Trevor.

Both he and Brett were a bit offended.

"Yea, we're 21 in the big leagues and can't find a place to live in this area, but it worked out well. There's a bunch of things to do down here," said Brett.

Both jumped from AA ball in midland Texas to the big city of San Francisco and it's been an adjustment for Trevor.

"I don't think I'm a huge city guy. I kind of fit into the minor league and small towns, but I'm getting used to it. Living in the city is tough," said Trevor.

"I'm a big city kid at heart. I like it. I like seeing sights, meeting people, seeing different things. I think it's been a good transition," said Brett.

So far none of their neighbors have recognized the two rookies.

"They give us weird looks lot of business people live here, they say like, 'What are you doing, you need help?'" said Trevor.

So, have they snuck over to AT&T Park to watch a Giants game yet?

"I walked over one day just as Randy Johnson won his 299th win. So I just went over for half an inning to see what was going on and if he would get a win," said Brett.

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