Job market makeover, Pt. 2

Fears faced by stay at home moms:

  • Balance: When we first talk to stay at home moms their biggest concern is that they won't be able to balance it all. Going back to work, juggling the kids, family, carpooling, etc. They get overwhelmed.

  • Skills Outdated: They feel that their skills are not updated in terms of technology and interviewing. So they immediately put themselves down and it affects their confidence level.

  • Interviewing and Corporate Speak: Moms feel that they don't have anything intelligent to say because they haven't had intellectually stimulating conversations for a long time. They feel they won't be able to answer the interview questions and really don't know where to begin.

  • Judgment: They don't trust their own judgment in the beginning. The job search process is so Greek to them that they are afraid they won't be able to interpret or evaluate the emails and the information that is being sent to them because they have lost touch with the corporate world. For example, after they post their resumes they will be contacted by recruiters and hr professionals and they don't know which one is credible or not. i.e.: searching job boards and job descriptions, it's overwhelming.

  • Lack of Money: They need money. They fear that they will have to take the first job that comes along, and the lowest paying job because they have been out of work for so long.
Advice for stay at home moms reentering the workforce:
  • Professional vs. Personal: The job is #1; you have to put family second. Making the choice to go back to work is about business first and family second. This isn't personal it's business and they have to make the paradigm shift before they post their resumes and start interviewing so they will be focused during the interviewing process. Companies want you to put them first.

  • Mommy Speak vs. Corporate Speak: Delete words: parenting, family, kids, car pooling, and my husband. Add words: career, accomplishments, goals, projects, strengths.

  • Professional Associations: Attend local chapter meetings face to face or in the discussion groups. This is the quickest way to get updated on your profession and industry and to learn a new vernacular.

  • Interview: Practice, Practice, Practice..: Work with people that you know who are hiring managers at companies and have them role play with you so you can be prepared for the interviews and close the deal!
What is mommy speak?
It's all the communication among women who stay at home and raise their children. What that consists of just like in every field and industry, is their jargon and terminology relating to child behavior, parenting issues, marital relationships, and every aspect of raising a family and working at home.

Just like techies, engineers, financial analysts, or nurses, every individual has their own industry and corporate jargon or terminology. Stay at home moms do too. Moms have topics for discussion and problems and issues just like any professional person would in any company. Theirs is unique to their family.

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