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Show topic: Families Coping in Recession

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Next episode: June 14, 2009
Show topic: Families Coping in Recession
Hosted by ABC7's Cheryl Jennings

Every week, Beyond the Headlines focuses on a different topic affecting people who live and work in the Bay Area. Many of us are either out of work, working fewer hours, or knows someone who is laid off. The June 14th episode looks at the current recession and what we can do to stay hopeful with our job search. We'll also give you tips on how to talk to your children during these tough times. And, some warning signs to look out for if your child is stressed.

Studio Guests

Rebecca Martin
Founder & Career Advisor, "dear jane"

Julie Youngblood
Co-Founder & Career Advisor, "dear jane"

Abigail Stewart-Kahn
Social Worker
Director of New Programming, San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center

Available Resources

Talk Line
(415) 441-KIDS (5437)
Talk Line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, in 170 languages. We know parenting is the hardest job. Call us if you need support.

SparkPoint Center
(510) 969-8774 (Oakland)
Drop in and get advice on how to become more financially stable. More SparkPoint Centers are opening in the next several months. These family-friendly centers will bring together nonprofit and government partners to offer complementary services that help workers achieve prosperity. Co-located programs include credit counseling, foreclosure assistance, workforce training, vocational and higher education assistance, income-supports enrollment, banking-services enrollment, savings programs, homeownership workshops and microenterprise support. SparkPoint partners will provide seamless integration of services and financial coaching to help clients choose their own paths to success.

Tips from dear jane:

1) Networking:
-Don't isolate
-Join your local job search support group - (ask EDD or your one stop career center about group near your home)
-Be prepared to communicate your own message about your current situation in a natural and positive way
-Talk to anyone and everyone about your career transition

2) Resume
-Update your resume immediately
-Posting your resume on three boards, Craigslist, Monster and Careerbuilder
-Refresh your resume every other day to generate 2-3 interviews per week
-Work with Recruiters from staffing agencies and search firms when they call you

3) Social Media Networking Sites
-Embrace this new technology and use it to your advantage
-Sign up for immediately
-Invite everyone you know into your linkedin database
-Train yourself on this technology

4) Technology
-Take a training course and update your skills
-Review job descriptions on to conduct your research on your profession, job trends, salary research, etc.
-Don't make assumptions that you aren't technical enough

5) The hidden job market- Find it!
-Learn about where the jobs from people you know in your field of expertise
-Do your research through networking with people in the industry that you are targeting
-Pick up the phone when recruiters call you and be ready to interview – interviewing is networking
-Talk to people in your industry and conduct some informational interviews

6) Applicant Tracking Systems - Company Websites
-Go to company websites on your target company list and upload your resume even if there isn't a job
-Submit your resume every month or so to the company of your choice
-Add key words into your resume so the search engines will put you at the top of the list
-Key words such as your profession, technologies, etc.

Additional Resources:

Dial 1-888-CALL-FCC (225-5322) or 211 to speak to live operators.
Or, contact ABC7 at (415) 954-7777.

Get help, or make a financial donation anywhere in the Bay Area: 2-1-1

HelpLink / United Way of the Bay Area
Dial 2-1-1

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