Mountain Lion spotted in Fremont


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The mountain lion was spotted at about 9 p.m. Sunday near a home located in the hills between Morrison Canyon Road and Kimber Park Court, according to police.

The homeowner spotted the animal on the property, and saw it had the carcass of one of the homeowner's livestock, police said.

The mountain lion was forced off the homeowner's property and back up into the hills without further contact.

The Police Department is reminding residents that if they encounter a mountain lion, they should try to appear larger by raising their arms, or to throw stones, branches or whatever is in reach without crouching or turning their back on the animal.

Residents should speak firmly in a loud voice, with the idea of convincing the animal that humans are not prey. People, particularly in the area where the mountain lion was spotted, should also try to keep pets inside and not feed them outside, according to police.

If anyone spots a mountain lion in their neighborhood in Fremont, they should call the Tri-City Animal Control services at (510) 790-6630, or the Fremont Police Department at (510) 790-6800.

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