Get off your butt in five easy steps

How to get off your butt in five easy steps
By Dawn Dais

  1. Find Friends
    Anything is better when shared, especially difficult things. Finding friends to get active with you not only makes the activity more fun, but makes it much more difficult to flake out on said activity.

  2. Set a Goal
    What is it you're wanting to accomplish? Sure you might just want to get healthier and in better shape, but setting a definite goal will help keep you focused and motivated towards attaining that goal. Aim for a half-marathon, or losing a set number of pounds, or mastering a certain sport - just find something that has a definitive end for you to work towards.

  3. Take it Slow
    There is no need to go from your recliner to race day in one week, and if you try to do that you most likely won't even make it past your first week. Your initial enthusiasm for all things calorie-burning may cause you to over-commit your time and your energies to a work-out schedule that will be difficult to maintain once your first burst of life-changing energy wears off. Ease into the world of the physically fit slowly with manageable activities that don't require you to completely change your life overnight.

  4. Be Kind to Yourself
    If you have set a big goal for yourself it is almost guaranteed that you are going to falter at some point along the way. You're going to get tired, pull a muscle or generally disdain anything that doesn't involve you sitting on the couch eating pizza. During those times it's perfectly okay to take a moment, wallow in your hatred of movement and kick up your tired feet. But, after you take that moment it's so important to get back to the goal you set. Don't beat yourself up or assume that you have to start all over if you stumble along the way - just keep moving along and remember that getting back up is what defines you, not the fall.

  5. Have Fun!
    Being physically fit and incorporating sweating into your everyday life doesn't have to be all muscle aches and heat stroke, it can be a lot of fun too. Have a sense of humor about yourself and your sometimes hilarious attempts at getting in shape. Find ways to make your workouts fun- get out of the gym and out to a Fun Run or other community event. Plan a bike ride in an area of your town or state that you've always wanted to explore. Go for a hike and watch the sun set or rise. Sure, having a rock-solid body is a great finish line, but make sure to enjoy all the fun that is to be found along the journey as well.
About the book:
After finishing a marathon for her last book, The Nonrunner's Marathon Guide for Women, Dais decided to take on the challenge of completing a 100-mile bike ride- popularly known as a Century ride-not once, but three times. While training, she discovered there's a lot to learn when it comes to cycling, and she shares this knowledge with other would-be cyclists in her new book, The Noncyclist's Guide to the Century and Other Road Races: Get On Your Butt and Into Gear.

Dais begins the book at the bike shop, and helps cyclists select a bike based on their needs, goals, and budget. She also offers helpful advice on how to meet members of the cycling community, and the best way to memorize hand signals for road traffic (including the "necessary ones" like "I need a beer" and "I need a nap"). She also tackles making the most of cycling purchases, from Butt Butter for itchy backside rashes, to CamelBaks to help keep you hydrated while riding.

Although Dais offers her own advice on completing races, and shares her personal training adventures-including her penchant for flat tires-she also consults with a professional cyclist to provide a detailed Century training schedule.

The Noncyclist's Guide to the Century and Other Road Races is a fun and informative guide that's perfect for both seasoned athletes and cycling newbies interested in hitting the road and getting their butts into gear.

Buy the book on Amazon: The Noncyclist's Guide to the Century and Other Road Races: Get On Your Butt and Into Gear

About the author:
Dawn Dais has always taken great pride in her ability to expend the minimum amount of calories necessary to accomplish all things in life. She finds it beyond ironic and quite troubling that her two books, The Nonrunner's Marathon Guide for Women and The Noncyclist's Guide to the Century and Other Road Races, involve nothing short of calorie-burning bonanzas. When she is not exposing her poor muscles to pain and agony for the sake of her art, she can be found lounging peacefully in front of her computer, doing freelance writing and graphic design work. She lives in Sacramento, California, in a small condo that is not nearly big enough for the number of animals that live there with her.

About the Tour de Sacramento
The Tour de Sacramento will be a way for Sacramentans to get in on all the fun that cycling, and their city, has to offer. The event will coincide with the world's greatest cycling event: Tour de France, which runs from July 4th through July 26th. Since we can't all make it out to Europe to participate, we are planning a three week event that will bring all the cycling excitement to our hometown.

Benefiting the local charities Cycles4Hope and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Sacramento the Tour de Sacramento will allow both seasoned cyclists and newbies the opportunity to participate in a fun cycling event geared towards those looking to have some laughs while getting their heart rate up. Those who sign up for the event will be invited to attend the various fun cycling activities we have planned throughout the three week event.

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