Cash For Clunkers is in business


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The limited program encourages people to trade in their old cars by offering big cash rebates.

Washington will send you a check for as much as $4,500 if you'll trade in an old gas guzzler for a new car.

The government on Friday rolled out its Cash For Clunkers promotion.

It's an effort to cut pollution, and jumpstart the auto industry.

To be eligible, cars have to have been built in 1984 or later, and average less than 18-miles-per gallon.

ABC7 spoke to a San Francisco man who traded in a 10-year-old van for a new Ford Escape Hybrid.

"You know, I thought, 'Oh, what a great opportunity.' I was thinking about potentially getting a new car, but then this really made me make that decision," said Steve Linder, a Cash For Clunkers customer.

Keep in mind, the old cars are junked and cannot be resold. You can use the rebate to buy foreign or domestic cars. The program ends November 1, or when the $1 billion funding runs out.

To see if your car qualifies, you can follow the link below.

Link: Cash For Clunkers

Qualifying for the program depends on how "old" the car is or whether it is still driveable.

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