VFTB Cares finalist: Miguel DeTrinidad

Today we meet the fourth finalist, Miguel DeTrinidad who is the Unit Director of the Boys and Girls Club of North San Mateo County in South San Francisco. Miguel grew up within the club system being "raised" in the same club in which he works at now. Miguel has inspired the kids at the Boys & Girls Club to reach for the top and not let anyone get in the way in reaching their goals, and he's supplying all this insight about college and education to children at every age. Everyday Miguel is teaching kids ages from 5-13 the skills that will be needed to succeed in school such as listening, paying attention, completing tasks on time, and the significance of reading all the time. Miguel makes the kids read for an hour daily so they can increase their comprehension and writing skills so they will be able to do better in school. He also provides a safe and healthy environment at the Boys & Girls Club in South San Francisco by having inspiring signs around the wall, promoting messages that help kids stay off drugs, and informing them that violence is not the answer. Miguel is inspired to making a difference in the lives of kid's everyday and showing them what's right from wrong. Miguel is an inspiring, caring, knowledgeable young man and he won't stop until he's took you where you need to be in life, and that's at the very top.

For more information about the Boys & Girls Club of North San Mateo County in South San Francisco: www.theclubs.org

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